About San Fermin De Tempe

October 15th, 2016 We pay homage the Spanish summer festival and the running of the Bulls festival, with the New Orleans twist. Join us as we take over downtown Tempe #DowntownTempe and unleash "Rollerbulls' at the heels of hundreds of event runners.


Pre-Registration starts at $30. Registration includes entry into the RotB main event and after-party, an official T-shirt*, sash, and a bandana, As the event date draws near ticket cost may increase. - *Please select the appropriate t-shirt size when purchasing your ticket.


Opening ceremonies will begin, runners will make their way to 7th St. in a ceremonial parade for the blessing by "The Pope" where we will release the “bulls” and begin the run. Runners will make their way east on 7th St to Mill Ave. Run up Mill Ave through the heart of #downtowtempe to 4th St, through Hayden Square and back down Maple to 6th St., pass through the “gauntlet” at 6th St. and Mill Ave. and finally into the Centerpoint courtyard to the finish line.

Saturday October 15th, 2016

The 2nd Annual San Fermin de Tempe (Running of the Bulls Tempe) is downtown’s newest fall festival! In homage to Spain’s summer festival, with a New Orleans twist, we take over the streets of #DowntownTempe in a rush to avoid a new breed of beast, the Rollerbull!

Rollerbull? A lean mean local roller derby girl in costume; horns, face paint, and whatever else they choose, who is equipped with a plastic bat. Rollerbulls make RotB possible and keep you moving – don’t get caught!

Running? This is an adult fun run, at around 1.2k, so don’t worry! Take it easy and enjoy the chase. And though there are no prizes for placement, we do give out a few awards:

  • Glutton for Punishment  To the runner that was gored by the most bulls
  • Scaredy Cat  The fastest runner (You dont want this award)
  • Horniest Bull  The Rollerbull with the best horns
  • Angriest Bull The meanest Rollerbull
  • Sexiest Bull Self explanatory


10 AM – 2:00 PM  Start at the registration table, organized by last name, and pick up your party package. Stick around for live music, demonstrations from the RollerBulls, and maybe a drink or two.
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM  Opening ceremonies followed by runners making their way to 7th St. where we will release the “bulls” and begin the run.
3:45 PM – 4:30 PM  Closing ceremony in the Centerpoint courtyard, awards, and after party celebrations begin.
4:30 PM – 2:00 AM  Party with the RollerBulls while enjoying live music and DJ entertainment.



Huge shout-out to the feisty females of Arizona’s best Roller Derby teams! Check ’em out:

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